Berlin ‐ Top Ten

There are thousands of reasons to come to Berlin. Here are the most important 10:

1 Berlin is the most exciting city in Germany, Europe and possibly even the whole world at the moment. A very unique atmosphere of upheaval prevails in this city ‐ remember, it hasn't been that long since the wall separating East and West Germany fell. No other city in Europe is changing so quickly.
2 Berlin is not only a melting pot for the country of Germany, bringing together the Eastern and Western populations, but it's also a melting pot for the entire continent ‐ it's the Eastern European city with the Western European flair.
3 Berlin offers a variety of activities for young people ‐ around the clock. Christopher Street Day, the "Karneval der Kulturen" (Carnival of Cultures) and the "Fete de la Musique" (Festival of Music) are just a few examples of the many events that take place in the city on a regular basis.
4 Cultural diversity and openness are prominent features in Berlin, whose population includes people from over 180 nations. In general Berlin is a very young and liberal city mainly because in the eastern districts it is still very cheap to live, work and even start an own business.
5 Berlin's cultural offerings are just as diverse as its residents. Ranging from the traditional to the cutting‐edge and experimental, Berlin is home to 150 concert halls, theatres, three opera houses and about 180 museums and 250 galleries ‐ very few cities can compete with that.
6 The nightlife in Berlin has a reputation all its own. With numerous bars, caf��s, clubs and pubs open virtually around the clock, there's always somewhere to go. Berlin does not have closing hours for bars and clubs. Some of the most famous clubs are in Berlin (i.e. BERGHAIN, no. 1 techno club of the world). They stay open all night long. And Berlin has 24h public transport.
7 In 2006, Berlin was the first city in Germany to receive the "City of Design" title from UNESCO. As a part of the global network of Creative Cities, Berlin is a trendy city where ‐ fashionwise ‐ anything goes. Berlin is the leading city of club music with more than 1,000 music companies. It is said to be the leading city of art and design in the future as well.
8 Despite its urban setting, Berlin is home to a large number of lush parks and green, open spaces.
9 Berlin is also known as the "Venice on the Spree" and with around 500km of waterside, it has more lakes, rivers and canals than many other European cities.
and last, but not least:
10 Berlin is still incredibly affordable!